who we are

Piaggio was founded in 1884. With over 110 years of industrial activity, Piaggio has worked in the fields of naval engineering, public transportation and aeronautical engineering, before it turned its business focus to individual transportation, specifically to 2-, 3- and 4-wheel vehicles. In the field of individual mobility since 1946, Piaggio has always fitted its vehicles with engines conceived and manufactured on its own. In fact, the worldwide success of Vespa as well as all the other Piaggio products has been built on a profound culture of engine designing, testing and manufacturing, which has developed at Piaggio through generations of technicians and engineers.

The Piaggio engines today

Today, the Engine Division of Piaggio utilizes the most advanced development equipment and production technology for developing and manufacturing engines for scooters, motorbikes, mopeds, and agile vehicles for the delivery of goods. Our team counts on 170 white collars (a large number of which have engineering background) and 1300 blue collars, making the Engine Division a lean, flexible organization which acts as an autonomous business unit within Piaggio, and prides itself on customer-oriented solutions.

Our mission profile

Our mission is to conceive, develop, test, produce and customize engine configurations to power and satisfy our customers' transportation needs. In this respect, we provide engines to the assembly lines of Piaggio according to the customer/supplier relationship, and continually seek to develop business relationships with third parties. Our guiding principles for providing customer satisfaction are: quality, performances, economical competitiveness, hi-tech and environment awareness. Thanks to solid design criteria and to the high volume capability and management flexibility within its production facilities, the Engine Division of Piaggio is supplying its worldwide customized services and state-of-the-art products to several other two-wheeler makers, besides Piaggio. Considering our global supply network and market exposure, it can truly be said that "we think globally and act locally". Our products and services are offered according to a business-to-business philosophy, by an organization that is totally customer-oriented, and recognized in our slogan... "powered by Piaggio "!

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