Our organization has built an efficient network of engine parts suppliers to offer highly customized services and products. These partners have been chosen from among the most reliable companies of the motorcycle industry. Our external supply network is continuously modeled around the internal manufacturing strategy, that presently includes machining of aluminum parts by means of numerically controlled cells, as well as the machining of crucial engine parts, such as the crankshaft, the camshaft, gears, and the Continuous Variable Transmission, typical of the latest generation of motorscooters. Critical heat treatments are also being performed in our production plants in Pontedera. In our plants, people and machines coexist in a sound balance of technology and craftsmanship. Our production volumes in 1998 topped 500000 engines in the Pontedera plants, with a turnover of about 200 Million of US Dollars. Throughout the entire development phase and production process, quality management is the central focus of our people's operations, aiming to fully satisfy our customers. We know that as not all powered two-wheelers are the same, not all engines are the same! Our people strive to make the engines that are "powered by Piaggio " the ones that feature the latest technical and technological breakthroughs, that guarantee the minimal environmental impact, and, most of all, the engines that allow the customer to experience the emotions of riding on the best performing and quality engines produced today! PIAGGIO Engine Division: Power for your mobility!

More details on Pontedera plants

In the Engine Division plants, which extend over an area of more than 75000 square meters (total Piaggio area: 600000 square meters), an overall grid-based managing system takes care of product mix request handling, whereas a dedicated IT system supervises our machines' performance and their maintenance. On the 9 engine assembly lines in our factory we have a global production capability of over 2800 engines per day, making Piaggio one of the world's largest engine producers, in our field.

Our Pontedera engine manufacturing unit features:

  • 14 CIP (Integrated Production Centers)
  • 85 white collars (technical plus administrative staff)
  • 1140 blue collars
  • 1300 operating machines
  • 6 engine assembly lines for scooters (2-stroke, 4-stroke and 2-stroke direct injection)
  • 4 engine assembly lines for "traditional" Vespa, moped, and light vehicles for the delivery of goods
  • 30 treatment plants for metals
  • 1 metallurgical lab
  • 18 engine test benches for product startup and mass production EOL checks
  • internal customers: Piaggio 2-wheel plant, Piaggio 3-wheel plant, CKDs, Piaggio after sales
  • external customers: Aprilia, Cagiva, Italjet, and others
  • global sourcing: China, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, etc.
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