Environmentally friendly technologyEnvironment has always been as a central topic in the Piaggio policy. In this short time diagram some of the most relevant milestones are pointed out, showing the continual effort of technicians, engineers and marketing people in anticipating the legislator actions, conjugating them with the customer needs.


Piaggio presents Wi-Bike, a new e-bike powered by the new 250 W- 50 Nm electric engine, operating by 400 Wh Samsung lithium battery.
The engine is characterised by a specific engine & battery management system that allows long distance and large set of engine performance and power levels.
The management system is designed to dialogue with iOS and Android APPs, with the aim to give to the user many functions, as the possibility of monitoring the effort, anti-theft option, remote control battery and others.
Wi-Bike can tread up to 120 km per battery charge.


Piaggio presents New Liberty, a renewed scooter powered by the new i-get air-cooled engine family - 50cc, 125cc and 150cc.
The 50, 125 and 150 cc air-cooled engines are characterised by 3 valve timing system and new injection system with improved efficiency and boast superior performance, both in terms of power and torque; they allow to take advantage in acceleration from low rpm, which translates into a new quickness and responsiveness in typical stop-and-go city riding.
In comparison with last engine generation, these engines have also improved fuel consumption, reliability and noise.


Piaggio presents Medley, a new scooter powered by the new iGET liquid cooled engine family - 125cc and 150cc. The 125 and 150 cc liquid cooled engines are characterised by 4 valve timing system, new cooling system with radiator built into the engine (in order to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle and the warm-up times), new “brushless” starter motor on the crankshaft (in order to obtain a quiet, durable and reliable starter, with total absence of friction losses) and new built-in engine electronic control unit with Stop&Start management part (alternator, S&S Inverter, RISS), entirely developed by Piaggio.
These are engines at the top of their respective categories in terms of performance and environmental friendliness, approved in compliance with the Euro 4 standard.


Piaggio presents Vespa Primavera, a new scooter powered by an ultra-modern 3-valve engine having technical solution to reduce friction and improve the fluid dynamics, in order to reduce fuel consumption and to improve performances.
It allows low fuel consumption figures (up to 64 km/l at an average speed of 50 km/h) and lengthy maintenance gaps (service every 10,000 km).


Moto Guzzi presents California Touring and California Custom, cruiser motorbikes with a new record engine size in Europe for a V twin motorcycle engine. The powerful 90° transversal V twin is capable of producing a torque of 120 Nm at just 2750 rpm. It respects USA and Euro 3 pollution limits and it is equipped with multimap Ride by Wire accelerator, cruise control and MGCT traction control system.


Aprilia presents RS4 125 Replica; it is powered by the new single cylinder 125 cc, 4-stroke, 4 valve engine, equipped with electronic fuel injection and liquid cooled. The sophisticated dual overhead cam (DOHC) system ensures the maximum power possible for this engine capacity, together with a fluid and linear output of power in maximum respect for the environment, complying with the strictest pollution standards.
RS4 125 Replica is the first in its category to have as standard equipment the innovative Aprilia Quick Shift transmission, a sophisticated technical solution taken directly from its big sister, RSV4 APRC which allows the rider to engage the next gear while keeping the gas open and without using the clutch, thereby making up-shifting easier and quicker.


Piaggio presents a new single-cylinder engine family dedicated to scooters: the LEm (Low Emission) engine family. Two different displacements are available: 125 and 150cc air-cooled, both with electronic fuel injection and 3 valve distribution. The 3 valve engine mounted on the Vespa LX and Vespa S 125 and 150cc scooters permit a clear improvement in performance: the maximum power of the 125 cc engine is improved by 7.1%, maximum torque by 10.3%. The same applies to the Vespa LX and Vespa S 3V 150 cc engines: maximum power and torque are improved by 6.3% and 7.8%, respectively.
Despite the improvements in performance, fuel consumption has been drastically cut: at a speed of 50 km/h the scooters can travel 55 km/l (about 30% farther than the earlier generation engine). CO2 emissions are also cut by 30%. Maintenance is only required once every 10,000 km, cutting operating costs significantly.


Piaggio launches his new 4 strokes 3 valve 125cc engine; it has been developed by the Piaggio Group expressly for Vespa LX debut on the Indian two-wheeler market. A silent, state-of-the-art, eco-friendly unit (with reduced exhaust and acoustic emissions), it is exceptionally fuel efficient, with a capacity of more than 60 km with a single litre of petrol.


Latest news at EICMA 2011.


After MP3 125 Hybrid, Piaggio presents the 300cc version for MP3 and a prototype of a pure electric scooter, Liberty e-Mail.


Piaggio presents a new Ride-By-Wire medium displacement 125-300cc QUASAR engines, in order to optimize emissions, fuel consumption and performances and as base of the innovative hybrid engine for MP3 125 Hybrid (PHEV - Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle).


Piaggio presents a new bicylindrical engine (V 90°) 850cc for maxi scooter according with Euro 3 by a closed loop injection system. For the same displacement engine, Piaggio develops an electronic sequential e-CVT, managed in a manual or automatic way.


During the progressive passage to electronic injection and closed loop system, according with Euro 3 standard, Piaggio presents an Hybrid prototype scooter, a marked evolution as regards urban transport that combines the advantages of gasoline and electric engines. The two engines are part of a sophisticated system that combines internal combustion engine and electric power. This plug-in hybrid scooter is able to go into restricted traffic zones as ZEV - Zero Emission Vehicle. It's two scooters in one ¬ practical, easy, fun all-round transport. The aim is to create a winning combination with better performances, low emission, low fuel consumption and cost savings.


QU.A.S.A.R. Quarter Liter Smooth Augmented Range, port injection, closed loop control, three way catalyst, 4-valves liquid cooled engines , SOHC, according to Euro 3 standard.


QU.A.S.A.R. Quarter Liter Smooth Augmented Range, 4-valves liquid cooled engines , SOHC, according to Euro 2 standard.


P.U.R.E.JET Piaggio Engine Division presents a new 50cc 2-stroke electronic air assisted direct injection engine PUREJET (Piaggio Ultralow emission Research Engine), according with Euro2 standard and characterized by excellent performance combined with low fuel and oil.consumption.


M.A.S.T.E.R. Piaggio Engine Division presents the MASTER engine family, Multi-valve Advanced Super Torque Engine, 4-valves liquid cooled, SOHC, characterized by a single point injection system and by a counter shaft, according to Euro 2 standard.


Piaggio D.I. range and 50cc 4-stroke Piaggio presents its direct injected with electronic control range (from 50 up to 180cc) together with the brand-new 50cc 4-stroke engine for scooters of the 3rd millennium L.E.A.D.E.R. Piaggio Engine Division presents the LEADER engine family, Low Engine ADvanced Engine Range, air cooled 2-valves and 4-valves liquid cooled engines , SOHC, according to Euro 2 standard.


FAST iniezione elettronica at Motorshow 1998 Piaggio Engine Division presents 125/180 D.I. FAST engines with electronic control unit for after-2002 emission laws.


Vespa iniezione the Vespa 50 D.I. FAST (Fully Atomized Stratified Turbulence) is the first 50cc scooter with a D.I. engine that is put in mass production.


Zip&Zip the first mass produced dual mode scooter: electric + I.C. catalyzed engine


Piaggio and European R&D; R&D project THERMIE for development of a low pressure, air-assisted, 2-stroke D.I. engine.


Piaggio scooters meet the new environmental policies in Switzerland and Austria Switzerland and Austria first introduce in Europe gas emission limitation laws. Piaggio and Puch immediately present on those markets 2-stroke catalyzed engines.


Vespa D.I. the Vespa PX 200 with high-pressure direct injection engine is presented at the Milan Exhibition.


Vespa in USA the PX 200 Vespa is succesfully exported in the USA and fullfils the EPA legislation.


Ape elettrocar mass-produced electric light transportation vehicle.


Ciao elettrico electric moped (prototype).

For the future Piaggio is working in order to improve engines quality and performances, according to the next Euro3 standard.

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